Dyno Tuning

STZ Automotive has an in-house Dyno Dynamics dynamometer and can cater for all 2WD vehicles. We can tune for torque or air/fuel ratio and have experience with premium and race fuels, octane boosters and methanol. All tuning is performed by a qualified engineer.


EFI and Turbo Installation

Our team has extensive experience fitting and tuning EFI systems and turbos. We are an authorised Haltech agent and can supply, fit and tune a range of ECUs and piggy-back systems.
STZ can carry out single and twin turbo installations and have the equipment and expertise to custom fabricate inlet and exhaust manifolds, intercoolers and dump pipes. See the Gallery for photos of our turbo installations.


Engine Conversions

STZ Automotive are experts at factory and non-factory engine conversions. We can supply, install and tune a large range of Japanese performance engines.

Some of our conversions include:

CA18 twin turbo into Datsun 1200
FJ20 turbo into Datsun 1600
SR20 turbo into TA22 Celica
RB25 turbo into Silvia S13
2JZ turbo into VT Commodore and S13 180SX


Fabrication and Race Prep

Engine rebuilding, brake upgrades, suspension tuning, chassis building, custom inlet and exhaust manifolds, fuel systems, roll cages or even a complete turn-key racer; STZ Automotive can do it all. We build and modify cars to compete in drag, circuit, drift and speedway events.

Our TA22 Celica has an STZ-built and ANDRA-approved custom roll cage and STZ-engineered engine, turbo, intake and exhaust. The STZ Outlaw Super Sedan was made entirely on site – from the full chassis and suspension to engineering and assembly of the 1J/2J combo that puts out 499RWHP at 12PSI on methanol.